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Fabric as Art – A little look at Ashley Rowe and Timo Weiland

Fashion as art can be taken to the next level when the fabrics themselves are incredibly artistic! Toronto designer Ashley Rowe, and the American design duo behind the brand Timo Weiland do exactly this!

Ashley Rowe experiments with tie dye and splattering to create unique fabrics. In her winter collection, blazers and beautiful tailoring is given an artsy edge with splatter, while the S/S collection of tie dye prints moves more toward relaxed draping and chic boho styling.








Timo Weiland‘s recent collections were inspired by the designers’ trip to Scandinavia. The collection’s colours and unique patterns mimic those seen in architecture, fabrics, and the northern lights that the duo saw on their trip. I love the bright long cocktail dress! Colours to brighten the cold months? I’m in!

The spring collection also had some beautiful textures and colours, love the hooded jacket!

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Which one do you love?